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Top 9 Best Tools to Build Property Management Websites in 2023 30 Nov 2023

Top 9 Best Tools to Build Property Management Websites in 2023

Property management professionals must be prepared for continuous real estate changes and adequately equipped with an online platform. The credibility of your business is improved through a well-designed website that simplifies various activities, hence making property management manageable. There are a lot of customized tools in the market that will work in 2023 for building property management websites. The following is a list of the top nine functional, user-friendly, and high-performing tools designed to assist you in navigating through the available options.

Wix: Crafting Aesthetic Property Management Tools

Wix is a highly customizable site builder that helps property managers design stylish and impressive websites without writing technical codes. You can develop your website with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to display the properties enticingly. Additionally, Wix also has many templates strictly created for estate websites, so your site looks like it is professionally crafted for its intended purpose.

Some advantages of using this feature include but are not limited to the listed benefits.

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User-Friendly Interface

As much as it is concerned with simplicity and usability, Wix is the best website-building tool for property managers who want smooth sailing while creating and administrating their websites. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, anyone who needs to gain technical knowledge can build nice-looking sites.

Tailored templates for property management

Being a great platform, Wix offers specialized page layouts meant only for real estate firms that help create high-quality and attractive sites. Markets compete in terms of supply levels; hence, they control the price level as well. They are editable, making it possible to incorporate essential details such as property listings and contact forms.

SEO-Friendly design

Visibility is critical in property management's competitive terrain. The SEO features make Wix's property management website better than most similar sites. The aspect allows other parties to find your properties and services, pulling more customers or tenants to your company.

Design for Multiple devices

As more and more people access websites using mobile phones, Wix ensures that property management sites developed on it are responsive. In other words, you can rest assured that if your buyers access it using different devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones, your listings will be displayed professionally, giving them an immersive experience.

WordPress with Elementor: Flexible Property Management Solution

Combining WordPress and Elementor offers a dynamic solution to issues related to creating websites for home managers. With such a combination, one can include a property listing and contact form, among other essential things. It offers SEO friendliness towards your site, ranking high on search engine results based on certain optimization factors.

Benefits for Property Management:

Property managers can create a website powered by WordPress, which works well with the adaptable element or plugin. With its drag-and-drop functionality, users can build beautiful pages without the hassle of complicated coding. The mixture enables the portrayal of property listings and emphasizes crucial features without hassle.

Effectiveness in Property Management:

WordPress using Elementor is ideal for creating successful property management websites. The comprehensive set of plugins and themes in its library and the ability to personalize the website as a manager requires. Being SEO friendly, property listings are visible on search engines to attract more website clients.

Uses in Property Management:

WordPress with Elementor would give property managers a platform to easily add and manage property listings contact forms for queries, and create an outlook of the business. Moreover, its easy-to-use interface ensures that even simple property managers can build and manage sites effectively, regardless of how experienced they may or may not be in computer technology.

Squarespace: Elegant Design for Property Showcase

Squarespace has a reputation for having beautiful and sleek templates that make it ideal for property management websites. The interface has inbuilt nationalities that allow one to upload property listings easily, and its responsive design makes it convenient for different devices like laptops and smartphones. Additionally, Squarespace has inbuilt analytics tools for monitoring the performance of your website.

Aesthetic Shows for Real Estate.

The most prominent among these is Squarespace, an advanced template-based website builder used by many developers who build houses and apartments for projects. Aesthetic concentration on your property management site is ensured by the platform's focus, ensuring your site looks professional and engaging.

Streamlined Property Listings

Adding a property listing to Squarespace is made easy. Its user-friendly interface enables property managers to conveniently upload pictures of properties, along with other relevant details and contacts. The convenient features on the platform will allow you to update your property listing in real time.

Responsive design for any device.

Squarespace considers responsive design, so your property management site is viewed and operated on different devices. It resizes images to suit a visitor's screen size to ensure a perfect view regardless of whether they use a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Performance Tracking with Integrated Analytics

Built-in analytics tools enable property managers to be more potent in Squarespace. These functions help you track how your property management website performs, giving you information about visitors' behaviours and views that are most often seen as other general engagement. Such data-driven ways help you streamline your online strategy for more effective outcomes.

Shopify: Housing Software Property Management System

Although usually linked to e-commerce services, Shopify can be used in developing property managing sites. It is an excellent choice for firms involved in real estate rental.)2 It is a simple setup of the e-commerce website that will allow you to control rental properties effectively. Shopify's secure payment gateways are an additional benefit for businesses managing rental transactions.

Benefits in Property Management:

Shopify, well-known for its expertise in e-commerce, is expanding into property administration. A secure payment gateway reduces payment hassle on the platform. The software enables user-friendly property management websites catering to property managers and tenants.

Effectiveness in Creating Property Management Sites:

Shopify's flexibility makes it very suitable for creating property management sites. Intuitive design tools enable property managers to demonstrate listings, include essential elements, and present a professional online image. The flexibility makes it applicable to all types of property management companies.

Uses in Property Management:

Property management websites can depend on Shopify to list their properties, manage their transactions, and have an effective online presence quickly. The flexible nature of its design suits different types of real estate administration systems, with an efficient method for advertising and letting out the property.

Weebly: Rental Property Management Solutions

Weebly is an easy-to-use site designer for property managers looking for ease without sacrificing functionality. It entails ready-made real-estate templates with a simple "drag-and-drop" editor. Responsiveness of Weebly ensures that whatever gadget you use, the property listings appear attractive.

User-Friendly Interface:

Weebly is famous for its friendly interface that even novice property managers can use. Its drag-and-drop editor makes building websites stress-free!

Real Estate Templates:

Property management in a Weebly template that is specially designed. These templates save time while getting a well-designed professional webpage without building it from zero points.

Responsive Design:

Responsive designs by Weebly ensure your property listings remain attractive on all devices, thus providing a good user experience when viewing your site using different devices.

Efficient Property Listings:

Efficient property listing provides an avenue for effectively listing the properties, incorporating details, photographs, and contact forms. Weebly's easy-to-use tools help you present your portfolio of properties in an orderly manner.

Zillow Rental Manager: Streamlining Property Listings

Zillow has developed a specialty for rental property managers called Zillow Rental Manager. With this platform, you can put up your properties on Zillow, one of the top-rated real estate sites in the US and the world. Zillow will enable you to make the most out of Zillow's large user numbers and expand the exposure of your rental notices to prospective renters.

Rentec Direct: Comprehensive Property Management Software

The other option for complete property management is Rentec Direct, which acts as the complete solution. It helps you create an online professional site while at the same time giving you management options on the tenants, the rents they pay, and maintenance request services, among others. Rentec directly centralizes the whole property management system into one platform.

Buildium: Tailored for Professional Property Managers

The Buildium property management software offers site-building features as well. It is tailored for professional property managers, including online payments for rents, tracking of leases, and submission of maintenance requests. The website builder developed by Buildium guarantees full compatibility with its property management utilities and a unified solution with a user-friendly interface.

Joomla: Open-source property management system software.

In comparison, Joomla is free software that allows adjustments, modifications, and expansions as the system grows. It is technical but allows comprehensive options for personalizing property management pages. Joomla's open-source platform enables a community of developers to constantly improve its features, ensuring they are consistent with current trends.


You need to choose the best tool to build up the website you manage your property because the right decision will help you position yourself well in the Internet environment. The tools discussed above address users' requirements depending on whether they emphasize design, functionality, or both. Evaluate your needs, cost, and skills as you select one. The ways that come across in 2023 make it possible for property managers to showcase their property and facilitate the property management process.