How it Works

It works the way a property manager wants.

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With property manager you can

  • Add unlimited properties
  • Add unlimited landlords
  • Create unlimited tenancies
  • Create unlimited tasks
  • Manage Certificates
  • Manage Accounts
  • Simple book-keeping
  • Seamlessly record expenses
  • Easily print all statements
  • Add unlimited applicants
  • Book unlimited appointments
  • Send unlimited reminders
  • Manage contractors
  • Send instructions to contractors
  • Send rent reminders
  • Add multiple user accounts
  • And many more features

Modern Bird Eye Dashboard can help you with

  • Appointments reminders
  • Rent due dates
  • Calendar synced with google diary
  • Rent due amounts
  • Graphs and bar charts
  • Users & Employees performance
  • Pending tasks
  • Tenancies expiring
  • Certificates Due
  • Deposit Amounts
  • Sign boards Management
  • And many more charts
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Experience the difference

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